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Show Your Love for Reading Terminal Market

January 31, 2012

The Valentine to the Market Gala fundraiser is just under a month away.  This spectacular out of hours party on Saturday, February 25th, at the Reading Terminal Market features live music, entertainment and food provided by some of the best known names in the Market including Bassetts, DiNics, and Beck’s, of course.

This year, the party is expected to be even more memorable because it coincides with the Market’s 120th birthday.  Come toast the Market’s good health with a pint of the anniversary stout specially created by Philadelphia Brewing Co. to mark the occasion.

To make your evening extra special, consider buying a ticket to the Patrons’ Party, which includes access to the cook-off by celebrity chefs, including our very own Bill Beck of Beck’s Cajun Cafe! 

Each chef works with a celebrity sous-chef under the spotlight  to drum up a dish from ingredients provided by the Market.  To keep it interesting, the chefs have to integrate   added ‘mystery” ingredients announced  the night of the Gala —  it gets pretty tense!  Last year’s mystery ingredients were red hot candies, heart shaped marshmallows and coco-puffs.

Philly Chit Chat did a great feature on last year’s party here.

To buy tickets for this one of a kind Gala and show your love for Reading Terminal Market, go to:

See you there! BB

Chocolate: Food of Love

February 9, 2011

Looking for foods to help your Valentine’s Day a little extra special? Last time we talked about how sharing oysters with someone special can enhance your evening. Now, it’s time to talk dessert.

For most folks, that means chocolate.

Chocolates contain both a sedative which relaxes and lowers your inhibitions and a stimulant that increase activity and the desire for physical contact. It was actually banned in some cultures for its “effects.” How sad.

From a scientific standpoint, chocolate contains both Serotonin and Phenylethylamine, which are mood-lifting hormones found naturally in the human brain. When we consume chocolate, we increase our normal levels of both, which leads to that feeling of excitement, as well as an increased level of energy. So although chocolate may or may not be a true aphrodisiac, it certainly does have some aphrodisiac properties. After all, it makes us feel good all over – much like being in love!

So, if you’re looking for chocolate fix, there are plenty of places in town that come recommended. Naked Chocolate Cafe, Max Brenner, Miel to name a few. At the Reading Terminal Market, our home, you can satisfy your craving at a few establishments including Chocolate by Mueller. Also, highly recommended is Flying Monkey Patisserie, which offers truffles and El Camino cupcakes, delicious chocolate spiced with cinnamon and cayenne.

Of course for a truly fantastic dessert before your dessert (wink, wink), a fine glass of champagne or sparkling wine also helps to lowers your inhibitions and gives you that warm glow. While there are plenty of choices out there, you can’t go wrong by pairing your sweet desserts with a brut, which is relatively sweet.

Next Up, we’ll talk about fruits and vegetables that have long-been symbols of love and sexuality – the radish, asparagus and the banana.

Bill Beck

Oysters — the food of love

February 6, 2011

Valentine’s Day is only a week away. So, in honor of this day of love, we’re going to be looking this week at foods that are reputed to be aphrodisiacs. Read one a day so that by next week, you can prepare a feast that will assure you of a happy Valentine’s day!

First up, what else — the oyster.

The love of the oyster dates back to Roman times. Some claim that oysters are rich in vitamin E, adding to potency. Others claim that because some oysters repeatedly change their sex from male to female and back, that the oyster lets one experience both sides of love. Or, perhaps after a good helping of oysters, you’re just in the mood.

Whether all, some or none of these things are true, a beautifully flavored meal with a delicious glass of champagne can’t hurt your chances. Here are a few recipes that I love from John Besh’s My New Orleans cookbook.

Oyster Stew:

Oyster and Artichoke Soup

Baked Oysters with Wild Mushroom Ragout and Aioli

Enjoy your oyster snack!

Next up — champagne and chocolate!

Love Foods for Valentines Day

January 29, 2011

Looking for love in the afternoon? Try our OYSTER po’ boy sandwich and raspberry bread pudding. Just what you need for a very happy Valentines Day.