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Italian Food to Remember

April 18, 2012

Crunchy outside, soft on the inside: Italy's answer to the donut

This Saturday, Chef Bill will be cooking up a special treat at the Italian Fest in Center Court at Reading Terminal Market.  Both Zeppoles, a Sicilian version of a traditional donut, and a Panini version of Beck’s famous Muffaletta will be on the menu.

Zeppoles are traditionally served on St Joseph’s Day.  A feast day dedicated to the foster-father of Jesus and husband to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  During the c19th, St Joseph become one of the most popular Saints, especially amongst the working classes, because he was a lowly but just and hard-working carpenter.  His official Saint’s Day falls during the middle of March.

Italians mark his feast day with a rather special pastry from Sicily, known as a St Joseph’s cake, but more often referred to as Zeppoles.  These cakes are a cross between a cream puff and donut and are delicious. 

To round out your Italian themed lunch at the Market this weekend, can we suggest you try a muffaletta — Panini style!  The very sizeable muffaletta used to be a workman’s two course meal.  First eaten cold at lunchtime, the remaining muffaletta would then be warmed either in the oven or in a frypan until the cheese melted.   On Saturday, you’ll get the opportunity to experience the panini version of this crowd-pleaser.

The traditional muffaletta - try it as a panini this weekend!