About Beck’s Cajun Cafe

FOUNDED IN OCTOBER 2009 BY CHEF BILL BECK, whose distinguished culinary career and lifelong love of good food began nearly 25 years ago in his hometown of Philadelphia, BECK’S CAJUN CAFÉ showcases the cuisine he loves Chef Bill Beck - now and thenbest.

“To me, there’s nothing on earth that compares with the panoply of flavors, the rich and distinctive heritage, and incredibly exotic ambiance of New Orleans,” Chef Beck explains. “These are the foods that enticed me to pursue my passion for cooking – and I’m pleased to be able to share them with Philly.”

A former restaurateur in Center City who earned three “Best of Philly” awards for his expertise in traditional and fusion cuisines at the Pompano Grille, Chef Beck was twice showcased as a guest chef at Manhattan’s world-famous James Beard House and on numerous TV shows.

He earned local distinction in the 1990s as owner/operator of Beck’s Gourmet and Beck’s Catering, serving corporate clients in the Fort Washington and greater Philadelphia business communities. Since 2007, he has operated Taste! Catering, serving distinguished corporate and community clients.

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