Most Memorable Event!

Meet Lisa Weissbord, Director of Catering, Beck’s Cajun Cafe

Lisa Weissbord, arrived in Philadelphia as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania. She first started organizing events for Chef Bill Beck in 2005; in 2015 she came on board as the full time Director of Catering. Since arriving and taking the helm of the Catering Division of Beck’s Cajun Cafe, Lisa has planned and produced hundreds of events, highlighting and spearheading the culinary talent of Chef Bill Beck. Party season is upon us and what better person to interview than Lisa Weissbord?

• How long have you been with Beck’s Cajun Cafe?
I’m entering my fourth year as Director of Catering, although I began coordinating catered events with Chef Beck in 2005.

• How long have you been in Philadelphia?
I’ve lived in Philadelphia for several decades, moving here while studying at the University of Pennsylvania.

• How long have you been in Catering?
For Fourteen years, I’ve had the opportunity to work within and coordinate a team in this demanding, creative industry. It’s challenging and has afforded me the opportunity to coordinate events for and meet many distinguished guests, including Barak Obama, Bill Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. It hasn’t been boring!

• What inspired your love of cooking and events?
I spent many weekends at the Perth Amboy home of my Czech grandmother, Souzka. Sunday mornings she’d let me help her in the kitchen, making everything from scratch– breads, cheese, Eastern European pastries– including a few dishes I wouldn’t try, such as pickled pigs feet.

• What is your favorite Beck’s menu item?
It’s a tie between the Chicken and Shrimp Gumbo (when I’m in the mood for savory) and Beck’s Famous Bread Pudding (something sweet to savor with a cup of Café du Monde.)

• What is the most frequently ordered item on the Catering Menu?
One is our Bread Pudding (many people don’t realize it has a pear compote baked into the bottom layer.) On Friday, a gentleman from New Orleans told me this was better than his grandmothers…good thing she wasn’t with him!

• Do you have a favorite event/holiday?
Graduations are great fun. We help many families plan parties for their sons and daughters that are leaving Philadelphia and many of which are heading to Tulane.

• Do you have any special tips for setting and serving a catered meal
at home?
Let us handle your menu and preparations so that you can relax and enjoy precious time with family and friends! If you’re a committed “do it your selfer” plan a menu of dishes with components that can be prepared ahead of time, assembled quickly, and served buffet style. It’s far too easy to underestimate the amount of time and labor involved in entertaining.

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