Light the Fire!

Meet Laura, Assistant Manager Beck’s Cajun Cafe

Laura, known as Lur when she is working at Beck’s, moved to Philadelphia in 2012 and started working at Beck’s Cajun Cafe in 2016. She is the Assistant Manager and is clearly one of the reasons why people love coming to Beck’s for their Cajun comfort food!

Originally from Barto, Pennsylvania, Laura enjoys living in the city of Philadelphia because, “It’s not overwhelming. It’s manageable and it’s pedestrian friendly. When my friend and I were in Las Vegas, we had to drive to get to the other side of the freeway! No sidewalks!” On that same trip, Laura and her friend visited Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado, the California Redwoods and the Crater Lakes in Oregon. They camped or stayed in hotels for two and a half weeks. When sleeping under the Milky Way, Laura was the one who built the fire and heated up the Dinty Moore’s Beef Stew for her fellow trekker in the wild. But, after two and a half weeks of canned soup and stew she was glad to return home to her Beck’s favorites, saying “the Shrimp Po’boy and the Mac-n-Cheese balls with Bacon. That’s the stuff!”

She manages to find time for Yoga, biking and concerts, all while studying for a second degree in psychology at Philadelphia Community College — her first degree is in Photography. Laura’s interest in criminal psychology began while she was still in High School; Jack the Ripper was the subject of her Senior Thesis project. Clearly still pondering the mysteries of the infamous psychopath she said, “It is fascinating, how a predator can appear as a perfectly balanced person to their peers and then go out at night and commit unthinkable atrocities.”

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