Fall in love with Cajun Food . .bring New Orleans home!

We all love those sultry summer nights, but New Orleans’ fall season is scrumptious. The Saints marching in the Superdome, the Seafood Festival, Blues and BBQ, the Art Walk…these are just some of the amazing things that make New Orleans so unique in the autumn months. While every city around the United States is ramping up their food festivals, the lovely, rambunctious city of N’awlins, as the locals call it, brings the summer season to a close with a full-on celebration of all that this crisp and refreshing this time of year.

Picture yourself in a cardigan and boat shoes walking through the French Quarter, smelling not the heat and seduction of summertime, but the scents of fried shrimp and fires burning while you head to the New Orleans Film Festival, eating Beignets and drinking bourbon. Locals retreat from the attack of the tourists, celebrating themselves, their culture, Fall, and the beautiful landscape in which they live, surrounded by the bayous – slow moving water with a lovely chilly mist hovering over the tourists as they walk the French Quarter.

If N’Awlins is too far, too expensive, or maybe just a sensual daydream, then lucky for you, this Fall you can visit Philly and still get an authentic taste of N’Awlins any time you want. Under sunny skies that are so blue, walk into the Reading Terminal Market or Amtrak’s 30th Street Station, and right around the corner you will find a Cajun Oasis with a brightly colored sign that reads, “Beck’s Cajun Café.”

The combination of that same crisp air outside, with the hustle and bustle of food vendors, will bring you to this soul-filled venue of Cajun and Creole food that is sublimely warm and inviting. There’s nothing like warming your cold hands (or butts for that matter) by eating some savory chicken during your ten-minute ride home. You will feel the effects of your short, quick trip to N’awlins all day.

Moreover, let’s not forget that fall produces massive amounts of pumpkins. Moreover, where there are pumpkins, there are pumpkin seeds. Try Beck’s Devil Dust recipe on your next batch of roasted pumpkin seeds. Just sprinkle seeds with Devil Dust, bake, and you will have an instant taste of Nawlins’.

Feeling hungry now? Then check out Beck’s Cajun Café’s menu here.


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