Get to Know Becks – Kimber

Cajunista Kimber is an enthusiastic young woman who has been working at Beck’s since 2009. Her father is the owner and she started working at the restaurant as soon as it opened, right after she graduated high school. Kimber has been working at Beck’s for so long that she has nicknames for all of her co-workers and says they know everything about her. When asked if she has funny stories about them, Kimber joked that “I have millions but I can’t think of anything work-related right now.”

Her favorite food at Beck’s is the Fried Shrimp Po Boy and the epic fan favorite, the gator gumbo. She recommends eating the gator gumbo with a spoonful of cornbread on every bite. When she is not working at Beck’s, Kimber’s main hobby is photography. She does mostly conceptual and self-portrait photography on an old-school 35mm camera. Kimber enjoys taking photographs and selling prints on the side.

Kimber says “working at Becks is awesome” and is excited about the new breakfast menu. She insists that every Philadelphian MUST try the savory Alligator Eggs Benedict. She enjoys working with the front of house staff and is eager to see how Beck’s continues to grow!

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