Beck’s Cajun Cafe Staff Love on the Pets at the PSPCA

What happens when Beck’s Cajun Café’s staff gets trained as PSPCA volunteers? They stay extra hours so they can cuddle and love on the pets. Pictured is Kimber and Grace with Holly. Holly’s a pit mix and has been at the shelter since Christmas!

The PSPCA has a fantastic pet volunteer trainer, and her name is Jennifer Johnston.  She gave our staff a tour of the shelter and shared some interesting facts, that we’d like to share with you!

  • Clear the Shelters – will be held on August 19, 2017, from 10-5 pm. All pet adoption fees are waived.
  • The Pit Bull breed was originally intended to be a nanny dog to watch over and protect children. The shelter is full of surrendered or abandoned Pit Bulls.
  • Kitty Cam – The cat rooms have remote control toys, which you can move remotely using your computer to help entertain the cats in the play room.
  • The 350 E. Erie location has a mini barn on site that can house up to 28 goats and 14 horses – these animals are considered property and the PSPCA get involved when there are disputes about who owns the animals or neglection of an animal.

Want to get involved with the PSPCA? There is a lot you can do, and a lot we’re doing, so we figured we’d take some time to break it down.

  • NBC 10 Philly and The PSPCA is holding an event on Saturday, August 19, 2017, called Clear the Shelters This is a nationwide pet adoption drive by NBC that has placed almost 54,000 pets in loving, stable homes. Kimber adopted her pet from PSPCA – Beck’s truly understands the importance of getting these pets adopted and we stand by them 100%.
  • Dream Dog Buffet – Becks Cajun Cafe is joining in on the love by providing our Dream Dog Buffet. PSPCA will charge between $1 to $3 an item – all proceeds from the sale of these delicious dogs will go to PSPCA. So please, bring your appetites.
  • Uber Puppy – Uber and PSPCA are teaming up to provide offices in Philadelphia with 15 minutes of puppy snuggles at a time – all from the convenience of the Uber app. This event is reserved for office workers only and takes place from 11 am to 3 pm on August 27th. Learn more about Uber Puppy now.

Other Ways You Can Help the PSPCA – Many of the items they need, you certainly have around the house:

  • Plastic bags make GREAT Poopy Bags.
  • PVC plastic pipe can be turned into great shelters for dogs to sit under, along with building fun pet playground equipment.
  • Cardboard never runs out of uses – those cardboard toilet tissue tubes make great toys
  • Cups, paper towel rolls, and many other things.

We are proud and excited to use #BecksGives to support a growing and caring Philly! Check back for our next recipient: Mural Arts. We are sponsoring their Monument Lab public art and history project. This project will be an incredible opportunity to join a citywide conversation about history, memory and our collective future, and all for a great cause!

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