Po Boys for Pups is Barking Up the Right Tree!


DONATE to the Philadelphia SPCA 

“Woofin Awesome, “ is what O.Z. and all his furry friends say about #BecksGives campaign supporting the Pennsylvania SPCA every #WoofWoofWednesday.

Each week, O.Z. and his friends wag their tails while their human friends order a Po Boy for Pups.  He loves how Beck’s Cajun Café supports prevention of cruelty to animals and how Beck’s donates 10%  of Po Boy sales on Wednesdays to the PSPCA.org

Recently, O.Z. met with Gillian Kocher who is Director of Public Relations and Marketing at the Philadelphia SPCA.  As O.Z. states, “Gillian always smells wonderful and she loves to pet me.  I really like it when she scratches my belly. But I didn’t always have it so good.  Just like many of my furry friends, I was left on the streets to fend for myself.  Just when I thought I couldn’t go on, the local SPCA picked me up off the street and gave me a warm place to sleep and some much-needed food and TLC.  I was put up for adoption and the most beautiful female “HUMAN” came in AND it was love at first site.  Yep, you guessed it, Kimber Beck is my new “Mommy.”

Gillian shared, “We love this partnership for so many reasons, including that the Beck’s family are such strong animal advocates. Not only are they donating a portion of their sales every week, but they have also volunteered their time at the shelter, and rescued many animals. They have gotten behind our mission of protecting animals, preventing cruelty and improving the lives of animals in the state and region, and are encouraging others to do the same. We are extremely grateful.”

Kimber loves caring for animals and has been an active volunteer at the PSPCA.  She shared, “I’m thrilled that my family’s business is supporting the PSPCA.lorg.  She hopes by sharing O.Z.’s adoption story, that it will stir many people into action to donate to the Philadelphia SPCA.


Please DONATE Now

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