Got King Cake? Get Your Mardi Gras On!



Order King Cake from Beck’s Cajun Café.

If you have been lucky enough to experience Mardi Gras in person, you’ve probably yelled, “Throw me some beads!” and enjoyed catching lots of treasure.   During this flamboyant, loud and fun-filled carnival atmosphere, one tradition that appeals to all ages: an extravagant and gaudy, multi-colored purple, green and gold dessert called King Cake.

The colors that make up the King Cake include purple for justice; green for faith and gold for power.

If you’ve never had a slice of King Cake, and are lucky enough to have the trinket in your slice of cake, you probably are wondering why is there a baby in your cake?   Tradition dictates the use of a small trinket, usually, a small plastic baby (representing the baby Jesus) which traditionally awards privileges and brings good fortune to whoever discovers it – in the past, it was made of porcelain or even gold.  It also brings obligations including hosting the next King Cake Party.

Quickly place your order for King Cake by calling Beck’s Cajun Café at the Reading Terminal Market (215) 592-0505 or the 30th Street Station (215) 282-2800. 

Tips for Hosting a King Cake Party:

Party Size – generate your guest list and decide how large your cake must be to offer a slice to each guest

Cake Selection – the gaudier, the better – remember to look for the colors of purple, green and gold, along with a cake big enough to feed all your guests

Cut the Cake – an electric knife or two makes the job easier.

Find more about Beck’s Cajun Café located in Philadelphia’s historic Reading Terminal Market and Amtrak’s 30th Street Station.  Beck’s is the home of the Train Wreck, a culinary creation where po boy meets the un-cheese steak. As we like to say, what a cheese steak wants to be when it grows up!  The Train Wreck’s name pays homage to the Reading Terminal Market’s train history.

Find more about Beck’s Cajun Café at:


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