Help Beck’s Help Philabundance!

Beck’s Cajun Café is in Round 1 of the Philadelphia Business Journal’s annual Social Media Madness contest! The contest measures which organization has the best social media engagement and the winner chooses which charity receives a $10,000 donation! Our designated organization is Philabundance, which is working to end hunger in our region.

You can help us in several ways. You can follow us on several different social media channels and engage with us. For example:  On Facebook, if you either share a post of ours, comment on a post or like a post, we would get points. Sharing these posts helps us the most. On Twitter, if you retweet our tweets or mention us in a Tweet, we get points. The same goes for Googole Plus. Below are the links to the social media platforms that you can find us on.

Facebook: Beck’s Cajun Cafe

Twitter: Beck’s Cajun Cafe

Google Plus: Beck’s Cajun Cafe

You can also vote for us daily in the following link.  Click to vote!

This social media contest ends on June 17 and if we happen to make it to the second round, that would begin on June 18th. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You from all of us at  Beck’s Cajun Cafe!


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