Chocolate: Food of Love

Looking for foods to help your Valentine’s Day a little extra special? Last time we talked about how sharing oysters with someone special can enhance your evening. Now, it’s time to talk dessert.

For most folks, that means chocolate.

Chocolates contain both a sedative which relaxes and lowers your inhibitions and a stimulant that increase activity and the desire for physical contact. It was actually banned in some cultures for its “effects.” How sad.

From a scientific standpoint, chocolate contains both Serotonin and Phenylethylamine, which are mood-lifting hormones found naturally in the human brain. When we consume chocolate, we increase our normal levels of both, which leads to that feeling of excitement, as well as an increased level of energy. So although chocolate may or may not be a true aphrodisiac, it certainly does have some aphrodisiac properties. After all, it makes us feel good all over – much like being in love!

So, if you’re looking for chocolate fix, there are plenty of places in town that come recommended. Naked Chocolate Cafe, Max Brenner, Miel to name a few. At the Reading Terminal Market, our home, you can satisfy your craving at a few establishments including Chocolate by Mueller. Also, highly recommended is Flying Monkey Patisserie, which offers truffles and El Camino cupcakes, delicious chocolate spiced with cinnamon and cayenne.

Of course for a truly fantastic dessert before your dessert (wink, wink), a fine glass of champagne or sparkling wine also helps to lowers your inhibitions and gives you that warm glow. While there are plenty of choices out there, you can’t go wrong by pairing your sweet desserts with a brut, which is relatively sweet.

Next Up, we’ll talk about fruits and vegetables that have long-been symbols of love and sexuality – the radish, asparagus and the banana.

Bill Beck

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